Guidelines for Kittens And Mutts . Com

    The KittensAndMutts.Com web site was created as a place for everyone to discuss kittens and puppies, cats and dogs, and any other pets they want to talk about. In general, this is a family-oriented web site, safe for kids and adults alike. There are a few rules required to keep this web site safe for the little ones, as well as safe for the rest of the community in general. This list of guidelines MUST be followed in all cases, and there will be no exceptions.


Preface . Postings are the opinions of their respective authors and do not reflect the opinions of KittensAndMutts.Com, Kilowatt Computers (our webmaster), its officers, directors, employees and shareholders. We assume no liability for direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, special or incidental damages, accident, injury, loss of property, income or life due to use or misuse of comments, suggestions, procedures, modifications, opinions, facts, enhancements, repairs or other information presented on our services. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the contents of any message or article. Use any information found on this web site at your own risk.

Revealing Your Identity . We reserve the right to reveal your identity (including your name, location, email address, IP address, etc.) to involved parties in the event of legal action or complaints arising from any content you post.

Removal of Users and/or Posts . We reserve the right at our sole discretion to remove any user or post from our forums for any reason, with or without prior warning. If your account is suspended, any re-registration on your part will be considered harassment and will be followed by contacting your ISP and local law enforcement if required.

Affiliation . KittensAndMutts.Com currently has no affiliation with any other company or corporation, including, but not limited to, any advertisers or sponsors.


User Guidelines
User guidelines exist to help you as a user participate in the community of KittensAndMutts.Com. They will be strictly enforced, and again, it is our sole discretion to remove or edit posts as we see fit. You are free to post anything you want here, but you do not "own" the content, nor are you able to fully exercise your First Amendment Right to free-speech if it goes against these guidelines.

1. Current Email Address . You must maintain a current email address within your KittensAndMutts.Com User Account. If for any reason an Administrator is unable to contact you due to returned emails, your KittensAndMutts.Com account may be suspended or removed until you contact our support team.

2. Personal Conduct . Post language and material suitable for the home or office. Do not post foul language, racial epithets or sexually explicit content in any form. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Remember, children may visit this website, and we reserve the right to edit your posts to remove any offensive language that is not suitable for children. Language filters are in place to remove most offensive language, but they do not and can not catch all occurrences. A moderator can, at their discretion, remove or alter anything they deem offensive or inappropriate. Do not circumvent the language filters by masking words with symbols. This is considered a breach of the user guidelines and appropriate action will be taken.

3. No SPAM. Posting commercial solicitations, advertisements, multi-level marketing, promoting competitive commercial or non-commercial web sites, phone numbers, web site addresses, photos, testimonials or other content promoting a business in which you are involved is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate and possibly permanent revocation of your posting privileges. This includes promotion of companies in return for discounts, favors, free products, promotional links in profiles and signatures, and screen names intended to promote commercial entities. However, we do encourage pet supply companies, breeders and other commercial interests to post here.

4. Vendor Promoting . Recommendations of vendors by users is encouraged, but excessive promotion of vendors (cheer leading) will be viewed as advertising. Please make sure your participation on KittensAndMutts.Com is more than just promoting or advertising for a vendor or product.

5. Personal Items or Animals For Sale . For Sale items or animals are not allowed in the forums of KittensAndMutts.Com. We do have a separate section just for adoptions that will be coming online at a later date, covered by a separate policy available when it goes live.

6. Signatures . Please do not post overly large or obnoxious signatures. Users are here to read the content, not to be annoyed by your signature.

7. Copyright Materials . You may not post any copyrighted material that you do not have rights to. Please link to external articles rather than post them in the forums.

8. Legal Actions .

9. Issues with Moderation and Site Policy . If a situation arises in which you have a problem or conflict with the Moderation Team of KittensAndMutts.Com or KittensAndMutts.Com Site Policy, please contact an Administrator through email or private messaging systems rather than in open forum.

Privacy Policy
Here at KittensAndMutts.Com, we welcome kids and adults alike to participate in our community. However, there are a few key rules to adhere to, and a few things you, as an end-user, should do to protect your privacy and safety.
If you are a child:
  1. Do NOT give your real last name to anyone here at KittensAndMutts.Com, or for that matter, anywhere else on the Internet. Think up a "handle" that you would like to be called here, and register with that username.
  2. Do NOT give your street address, town, city, phone number, or ANY other personal information to anyone, either here at KittensAndMutts.Com or anywhere else on the Internet. No one at KittensAndMutts.Com will EVER ask you for personal information.
  3. Do NOT give your email address, IM handle, or any other identifying names to anyone.

If you are a parent:

  1. Always keep an eye on your child, check in on them frequently, and discuss their safety and privacy with them.
  2. Impress upon them that there are people that will lie to them to get close to them and they should not believe anything they read here are elsewhere on the Internet.
  3. Review these guidelines with your child, and try to impress upon them that they need to follow them.
  4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at

   Privacy Statement:

  1. We at KittensAndMutts.Com will NEVER divulge your email address or other private information to any outside entity.
  2. We will NEVER ask you to divulge your phone number, email address, or any other information in public.
  3. We MAY contact you by email to notify you of changes or new products available through the web site.
  4. We WILL provide law enforcement your IP address, email address and any other information we deem necessary if we are asked to in the process of an investigation. We will NOT attempt to protect you from law enforcement activities.